Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fonts And Coins

As you may know, doing real justice to a coin description can be challenging. It can also be expensive: 1) Set of RIC (Roman Imperial Coins) about $1000 to $1500, 2) Set of Sear's Greek, Roman, Greek Imperial and Byzantine coin books $350 to $500, 3) Full set of Krause-Mishler (for World Coins) $250 - $400. Then to give proper weight you need a jeweler's scale, price will range with quality, I bought a JS-50X a few years back for $50, now cheap Chinese copies can be had for about $20 and less but there is no guarantee of quality or longevity. My scale has been going strong since 2000. for measuring diameter some people like to get a caliper - best buy is from Jerry Walker at Vcoins for $3.35 postpaid for a cheap but respectable plastic one. For the more finicky, you can buy a digital one for over $100 also on Vcoins. I personally use a regular ruler with a difference - it's a clear acrylic one so I can see the coin through the ruler itself.

But with all the things that cost money, some things are free - fonts. You can find fonts that look ROMAN, Greek and עברים and many other looks and languages like Chinese looking ones, Indian looking ones and Arab style ones.

For those who do not know how to add fonts, here is an easy font HTML page:

Annabella's HTML Help Fonts

At the bottom of my ebay "ME" Page is a list of most of the fonts I use in my listings - if you ever think they look wierd - you need to download the fonts! All the fonts are free to download from safe sites. No viruses, no malware.



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